Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can be a debilitating and is often caused by an imbalance in the way that the muscles, tendons, and ligaments around the shoulder joint function together. Common reasons on why people start having shoulder pain are overuse, disuse, sprain, strain, or sleeping on side just to name a few. With the shoulder being one of the most complex joints in the body it is also one of the more difficult to self treat at home, considering most actions of the upper extremity involve the shoulder.

Here at Little Falls IPM we work to identify those imbalances in the shoulder that are are contributing to your shoulder pain and come up with a program to help mobilize, strengthen, and rehab the shoulder.


Signs and symptoms of shoulder pain can include:

  • Muscle ache

  • Reduction in shoulder range of motion

  • Stabbing pain with motions of the shoulder

  • Avoiding using shoulder due to pain